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   Trading guide for beginners

Do you want to learn trading and quickly become an independent trader? We have thought of you, and we offer you all the tools to teach. and train you in the safest and most complete way for free in 2022. Open an account and benefit from our online trading training and many more trading tools. Discover over  55 trading tutorials for  beginners, a forex e-book and many more online trading courses. Then test the best trading platforms available on AvaTrade using our trading simulator

How do you start Trading?

Create a trading account and start training with our 100% free platform.Once you are ready, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and forex with an international regulated broker since 2006! Here are the steps to follow to start trading now:Open a trading accountFund your accountStart placing your first tradeAnd congrats... you've become a trader ( 🔰 novice)✔️ Trade in 1 minute ✔️ No hidden fees ✔️ Regulated broker .

How do you start Trading?

One of the biggest tips we can give to new traders who want to be successful in trading is to take their time. Don't dive first and trade the maximum volume. Work your way up until you feel comfortable with the platform and financial tools. Real account trading adds a lot of emotion and pressure to your trading which will decrease as you gain experience . Plus you don't want to blow up your account and lose all your money on day one! This brings us to the next topic:

How much money does it take to get started?

This is one of the most common questions our advisors receive from new traders.

The amount of capital you need depends on whether you want to trade your income full time or just an extra option to earn a few extra dollars here and there.

As you probably know, some successful traders who opened a small trading account with AvaTrade with just $500 were able to turn it into over a million dollars in just a few years.

This is an extreme example and most traders, even the most experienced, will find it difficult to replicate this type of performance.

But the important thing about this is that you do not need a lot of money to start trading!

However, there are two questions you need to ask yourself when determining how much you need:

How much do you want to earn per day?

How far should you start day trading?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you just need to do some simple math.

Let's say you are looking to earn $100 a day, but you only have $1000 in your trading account.

This means that if you trade a stock at $2.00 a share, you can buy 500 shares, which means that you would need the stock to rise 20 cents in your favour to reach your $100 target.

This is a very simplified example, because we did not take into account the effect of leverage which would give you more buying power.

To understand the leverage, you can take a look at the trading videos section, which will help you understand exactly how much money you should target when opening your trading account.

keys to success*

For beginners who want to learn how to buy stocks, here are ten good answers to the simple “how do I get started?” question

Open a trading account

Join over 900,000 active clients quickly by opening your account with AvaTrade, a regulated broker in Abu Dhabi and on 5 continents. Rest assured, AvaTrade guides you through your trading and offers you complete trading courses plus one of the best trading simulators, perfect trading tools to become a real trader quickly. To trade online, be it trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices or forex, you need an online broker.Each broker offers something different. By creating a free demo account at AvaTrade, you will be able to get a quick opinion on one of the best online brokers 2022, regulated since 2006 in the Arab world. AvaTrade is well known for its trading platform and tools such as "Trading Guide". Avatrade also offers you excellent free training in videos, and above all quick and easy access to the best trading platforms for beginners (MT4 / MT5 / trading 

robots) among the easiest to use in the market. Ok

Read books

Books are a wealth of information and are inexpensive compared to the courses, seminars, and DVDs sold on the web.

One of the most famous and interesting is of course “How to Make Money from Stocks” by William O’Neil, founder of CANSLIM Trading.

Read financial articles

Articles are a great resource for education. Our most popular articles are listed on my stock market education page. 

The most popular website for trading and investing in the stock market is Bloomberg.

We also highly recommend reading the memoirs from billionaire Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital), which are very impressive.

Of course, searching with Google is another great way to find educational materials to read

Find a mentor or friend to learn from

A mentor can be a family member, friend, co-worker, former or current teacher, or anyone with a complete understanding and track record of the stock market.

A good mentor is ready to answer questions, offer help, recommend helpful resources, and keep moral high when the market is tough. All successful investors past and present had mentors in their early days. 

Although “old school” online forums are still in use today and can be a great place to have your questions answered.

You will find it everywhere.

Then you will certainly find many other interesting sources. It is all a matter of preference and above all it will depend to a large extent on your type of trading and the markets you want to trade. 

Just be careful who you listen to. The vast majority of participants are not professional buyers, let alone profitable ones. Take the advice of the forums with a good dose of salt and in no case follow the purchase recommendations

Learn how to trade from successful investors

earning from established top investors provides great insight, inspiration and appreciation for the game of stock market and online trading.

Major investors include Warren Buffett, Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, John Templeton, Paul Tudor Jones, Jack Schwager, and others.

Follow market new

Information sites such as Bloomberg or Yahoo finance are an excellent resource for novice traders.
For in-depth coverage, look no further than The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, which both pair in English, but are easily accessible even for a beginner to the English language.
By following the stock market every day and reading the headlines, you expose yourself to economic trends, third-party analysis, and general investment jargon. Looking up stock quotes on Yahoo Finance to see a stock chart, news headlines, and fundamental data can be another great source of exposure.
Another way to learn about the stock market is through television. Without a doubt, Al Jazeera is the most popular channel.
Running the economic bulletin for 15 minutes a day will expand your knowledge base.
Don’t be intimidated by jargon or the style of the news, just watch and let the commentators, interviews and discussions infuse you.
But be careful, over time you will find that many investment programs on TV are more of a distraction and a source of excitement than a source of useful information. Recommendations rarely lead to profitable investments.

Investing in paid financial sites

Some investors may find it more useful to observe market professionals than to try to apply the newly learned lessons themselves.

There are a variety of paid sites on the web; So the key will be to spend the time studying their sites, and finding the one that works for you.

Again, this is not necessary, but highly recommended for learning to trade and putting the odds in your favor.

Caution – be careful . Many paid sites, especially those advertised on YouTube or Twitter , are offered by individual buyers who claim to have great returns and can teach you how to be successful .

99.99% of them cheated. Most testimonials are fake or come from subscribers who are lucky and earn money (for every winning subscriber there are many who lose money).

Of course, there are professional YouTubers out there, but their paid training is not necessarily a perfect and well-built solution.
At AvaTrade, complete trading training is provided to you, as we strive for your success.
Remember that the people who pay for their subscription are the ones who pay for all of their ads. This leaves one to think about…
Don’t be those people and trade like a pro with a real solid foundatio

Explore online seminars and courses carefully

Online trading seminars and courses can provide valuable information about the market as a whole and certain types of investment.
Most of the seminars focus on a specific aspect of the market. and how the speaker has used his or her own strategies successfully over the years.
Some reliable examples include the workshops of Will O’Neil, Dan Zanger, and Mark Minervini.
Some seminars are free and can be a useful experience, but you have to be very careful with the business offer that always comes at the end. Whatever the offer, just say no!

CAUTION – As with paid subscriptions, be extra careful in your classes and courses.

The amount easily exceeds $1,000 and is being sold with the promise of gaining valuable knowledge.

Their great sales funnels will get you excited during the cycle, then leave you with a strategy that has never paid off, or been profitable for several year

Training with a trading simulator

 step is to take the first step and buy the first stocks or indices etc.

Don’t be afraid to start small. Even 1, 10 or 20 shares will do the trick.

If the thought of buying stocks with your hard-earned money is too stressful, consider using a trading simulator for a virtual purchase.

AvaTrade offers a virtual trading simulator, but in real conditions, to practice trading and get to know the stock market.

Warning – One of the most common mistakes new investors make is buying too many shares to buy shares for the first time. It is wrong. As a novice trader, avoid the temptation to take excessive risks. Instead, start by trading small positions, then gradually move to buying more shares, on average, with each purchase

Take Warren Buffett’s advice: buy and own

For most people, online trading (especially day trading) is no better than simply buying a set of instruments, such as S&P 500 or keep it for several years.
Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time. recommends that independent investors invest passively (buy and hold) rather than trying to beat the market